The uniforms and insignia of the Army refers to the standard uniforms and rank insignia displayed by the Army from Season 14 until the disbandment of the Army in Season 93. Army insignia was used as a template for Navy ranks as well as the design of service uniforms.

Standard Uniform


Army standard uniform

The standard Army uniform consisted of a black trench coat worn over a collared white shirt, black pants, and black boots. For formal occasions, the shirt was worn closed with a tie. For dinner dress occasions, the trench coat was removed and the tie was worn with a tie and award ribbons.

Rank Insignia

Army rank insignia was worn on shoulder boards for officers while enlisted personnel displayed rank stripes on the left uniform sleeve

Enlisted ranks


Army enlisted insignia

Officer ranks


Army officer insignia

In Season 92, the rank of Supreme Commander of the Army was created specifically for General Endicott.

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