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Compelte array of all Service awards

Awards and Decorations relate to the various medals and ribbons which have been issued by both the Army and Navy. The current decorations of the Service are a combination of both previous branch's awards.

Awards are issued as ribbons to worn above the left pocket of the white dress shirt which is normal worn underneath the trench coat service uniform. Ribbons are not normally displayed except on formal occasions when the trench coat has been removed and the white shirt worn closed with a tie.

Awards for Valor

Decoration Ribbon Description
Star Cross StarCross Awarded for extreme heroism at risk of one's own life in combat against an opposing armed force
Medal of Honor MedalHonor Awarded for battlefield brilliance of an exceptional nature in combat against an opposing armed force
Medal of Heroism Awarded for heroism at risk of one's own life in combat against
an opposing armed force
Medal of Gallantry Awarded for acts of valor against an opposing armed force

Senior Awards for Service

  • Distinguished Service Cross
  • Medal of Diligent Merit
  • Conspicuous Service Legion

Awards for Meritorious Service

  • Medal of Commendation
  • Medal of Achievement
  • Medal of Service

Awards for Special Service

  • Medal of Sacrifice
  • Exploratory Commendation Medal
  • Army Expeditionary Medal
  • Navy Expeditionary Medal
  • Service Expeditionary Medal

Awards for General Service

  • Army Campaign Medal
  • Navy Campaign Medal
  • Husnock Service Medal
  • General Service Medal

Service Ribbons

  • Space Command Ribbon
  • Flag Staff Tour Ribbon
  • Special Operations Service Ribbon
  • Space Service Deployment Ribbon
  • Marksmanship Ribbon

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